Free Directory Assistance (411)

Telephone Switchboard Operators (1957)

Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers. Over the last few decades phone companies have started to charge between .75¢ and $2.00 per call in an effort to generate more revenue. Currently US customers place roughly 6 billion 411 calls annually.

This page shows some free alternatives for 411 directory assistance.

You can add any of the 800 numbers below to your phone’s address book or speed dial.


Google 411 (Discontinued)

Google 411 (Discontinued)

GOOG-411 was discontinued on November 12, 2010.

Goodbye to an old friend: 1-800-GOOG-411 (Google)

GOOG-411 (Wikipedia)

GOOG-411 isn’t what you think (ZDNet)


Bing 411

Bing 411 Website

800-2255-411 (800-CALL-411) or 800-2464-411 (800-BING-411)


Free 411 (Ad-Based)

Free 411 (Ad-Based)

Free 411 Website

800-3733-411 (800-FREE-411)


Google SMS Applications

Google SMS Applications

Google SMS Applications Website

Visit from your phone to see all of the features for your device.

Send a TXT to GOOGLE (466453) to request information (TXT messaging charges may apply). Examples:

Me: best buy, ellisville, mo
466453: Local Listings: Best Buy – Ellisville 15678 Manchester Road Ellisville, 63011 1 (636) 394-4440

Me: tips
466453: Local: blockbuster sf, (W)eather: w nyc, (M)ovies: m 94114 (Zip Code), Flights: ua 14, Sports: ny jets, Stocks: goog, (D)efine: d clew, Products: price ipod, Calculator: 127*56

Me: help calculator
466453: Use calculator to solve math problems, units of measure or currency conversions (ex: 5+2*2, half cup in teaspoon, 70F in C, 1 dollar in pound, 3 USD in GBP)

Me: 10 usd in pesos
466453: Currency Conversion: 10 U.S. dollars = 134.341792 Mexican pesos

Me: help settings
466453: Settings commands: save on, save off, clear, set location, view location, clear location

More: Help Web, Help Directions

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