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Google Apps Account Problems

Hello everyone!

I wanted to send out a quick email in case you are having any problems accessing your Google account or Gmail. If you get this message, please tell your friends that are also using for any Google tools.

Exactly one month ago Google announced new features for their Google Apps domains. is a Google Apps domain. Based on their announcement I quickly decided to convert all of my Google Apps domains over to the new format.

I had signed up for a few other Google services over the years (Picasa and Reader) for example. Because I had done that this new domain level change started causing problems. I knew there would be some bumps, but it started getting really bad a few days ago when Outlook wouldn’t ever stop asking me for a password.

I was now stuck with what Google is calling a “conflicting account”. I was very conflicted about that.

Anyway, my Android phone and web based email all still worked, but Outlook would never download or send messages.

The bottom line is that if your email client is griefing you or if you keep seeing web pages telling you to fix the conflicting account, please do what that site says as soon as possible.

I told Google to make a new account for me (to move all of my “personal” Google things like Picasa that used to be for… and I was not able to figure out a way to change the new email account it was wanting to give me. Finally I just accepted the changes they wanted to impose and then I logged in with the new account. Sure enough, all of my old personal stuff was moved off to this new account.

Once I made these changes I restarted Outlook and all of my email accounts started working normally again.

If you ever used a regular Google product with your account, this problem affects you.

The Google Accounts section shows what a conflicting account is, how to resolve it and what the new changes mean to everyone.

The Google Apps Changes section provided links to the actual announcements by Google.

The Summary section is my quick analysis of what Google claimed in those announcements versus the current reality check.

If Google ever does roll out all of their services it will be much nicer because you will have access to most of their services through your email account.

As you can see in the attached screenshots, some things ARE getting better. sodpit.png shows a normal login at … gmail.png shows that you can also now type in your full email address to login at the real Gmail page … services.png shows that administrators can enable new Google applications as they roll out to domain users. It’s all “value add” at this point, I just wish more apps were already rolled out. You CAN start using Google Reader though. Hey, it’s a start! :p~

Anyway, sorry for any problems this might have caused!

PS – is a new email group that allows everyone in the domain to send messages to ALL other users on the domain. I wanted everyone to know there is a way to message everyone at but please use it very sparingly,


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Conflicting accounts overview/ Resolve conflicting accounts

New infrastructure for Google Apps accounts

*Google Apps Changes*

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The Claim 9/8/10: This change will let users access many new services such as Blogger, Reader, Google Voice and calling-in-Gmail (US only), Picasa Web Albums, AdWords and iGoogle from their Google Apps accounts.

The Reality 10/8/10: One month later (literally, it’s 10/8/10 now) only Reader has been made available.

The Claim 9/8/10: A few applications are not compatible with the new infrastructure at this time including Google Health, PowerMeter, YouTube, Web History, Buzz and Profiles.

The Reality 10/8/10: Also NOT compatible (basically everything they said would be compatible): Blogger, Google Voice and calling-in-Gmail (US only), Picasa Web Albums, AdWords and iGoogle from their Google Apps accounts.