Galaxy Note 3 Skin Patch for SideSync



Old version

This patches your SideSync installation to include the Galaxy Note 3 black skin. Samsung SideSync 3.0 and higher can be used on your Windows PC or Mac PC (not guaranteed to work with this version of Mac) to remote control any Samsung device running KitKat or higher with SideSync installed (Google Play / Samsung Apps).

This patch has only been tested against the current Windows PC version of SideSync, specifically version

This patch has not been tested against the current Mac PC version (

This installer should only be run after SideSync is installed on your PC. You can uninstall this patch to revert to a stock installation from the Start Menu or from Program & Features in Windows Control Panel.

This installer and ZIP will only work correctly with SideSync This is version specific and must be version I will need to revisit this patch as future versions of SideSync are released.

If you use the ZIP it must be extracted manually to your installation folder\SideSync3\ (not in any subfolder). The ZIP is mainly provided for Mac users.

This patch was created by Darren Winter.



EXE (Installer, Windows)


Old Version (

EXE (Installer, Windows)



Modified Files

image\skin\Note 3 Patch for SideSync Readme.txt
image\skin\Note 3 Patch for SideSync Readme.url


Note: None of the original artwork is mine. I take no credit for any of the original artwork.

skin_default_phone_n3_no_buttons.png was taken directly from Galaxy Note III – PSD – PNG by abdelrahman (deviantART). The original filename in the RAR archive was “Front transparent no contents.png”

skin_default_phone_n3_buttons.png was modified by me to include menu and back buttons. I started with abdelrahman’s original work and then I used the menu and back buttons from this image.

I modified SkinInfo.xml XY coordinates so it would work correctly with the new skin.

If you don’t want to see the menu and back buttons, close SideSync and delete or rename skin_default_phone.png and then rename skin_default_phone_n3_no_buttons.png to skin_default_phone.png. Start SideSync.


Original files from Samsung


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