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Dangerous Google & Apple Phishing Scams

There have been two very convincing scams recently which have tricked users into handing over their Google and Apple accounts – to complete strangers (hackers).

How convincing? I sent out an email message to everyone in our company last Friday (3/21/14) and posted this article (below) to our corporate website in an attempt to warn everyone here about this potential threat. This morning (3/27/14) a co-worker received an email message from one of his customers with the subject “Document”. The message contained a link so my co-worker clicked the link. This took him to a web page with a real google.com address. The page looked like a real Google login page (but it was fake) so he supplied his login information. Once he got signed in the site took him to a random online Google document. It didn’t make any sense so he just dismissed it and closed the page. The second he signed in to the fake page his Google account was taken over by a hacker (or a robot) who then started sending out mass email messages from his compromised account to every email address associated with his account… not just people in his contacts, but everyone in his history (to, cc and from).

Don’t think you can be tricked? Think again.

Please read this article as soon as possible.

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