Linux in 2011?

Officially down for 10 days, unofficially jacked for weeks. I’m a huge Linux fan, but this is just embarrassing.

I thought it would be fun (and fair) to see an image that was a kind of “reverse slam” against the old “Good evening Mr. Gates, I’ll be your server today!” artwork (see below) while at the same time pointing out the sad state of affairs with the Linux servers. I am not an artist and this is NOT my work, full credit is given to the real artists (below).

Click here to download the Paint.NET file.

“Linux Foundation infrastructure including,, and their subdomains are down for maintenance due to a security breach that was discovered on September 8, 2011. The Linux Foundation made this decision in the interest of extreme caution and security best practices. We believe this breach was connected to the intrusion on

We are in the process of restoring services in a secure manner as quickly as possible. As with any intrusion and as a matter of caution, you should consider the passwords and SSH keys that you have used on these sites compromised. If you have reused these passwords on other sites, please change them immediately. We are currently auditing all systems and will update this statement when we have more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are taking this matter seriously and appreciate your patience. The Linux Foundation infrastructure houses a variety of services and programs including, Open Printing, Linux Mark, Linux Foundation events and others, but does not include the Linux kernel or its code repositories.

Please contact us at with questions about this matter.”

-The Linux Foundation

Artwork Credits

Wrinkled Vista Flag by BadlyDrawnDuck:

From the post EVE Online for Linux… dead. (Feb 12, 2009), Sad Tux by Bryan Lunduke:


Inspired by the original Good Evening Mr. Gates, I’ll be your server today! image by Penguin Computing:

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