Duke Nukem Forever Leak

Before all of the gaming clans (Stormtroopers Of Death, etc. – hmm, does anyone know the name of the first (and only other) clan I was in?), before TCP/IP really took off, back before I worked on networking… it was all about daisy chain IPX/SPX networking and Duke Nukem 3D, which at the time was second only to the original DOOM.

After 12 to 13 years the brand new, long rumored, longer ridiculed, version of Duke Nukem titled “Duke Nukem Forever” (DNF) is finally being released this Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

This post discusses the recent leaks of both the leaked DNF Demo and the leaked DNF Full version. Hit the jump for more information.



I’m not adding any to this post except the one you see below. Currently they are unsorted but all of these are from the DNF Demo and include several spoiler screenshots of the “easter egg” area mentioned later in this post. If you don’t want to have it spoiled, don’t view them!


Before You Start

Consider PeerBlock or VPN.



Duke Nukem Forever – Demo – Leak

There is a crack included in the torrent listed here, but I’m not sure if it works or not. I Someone I know used the Skidrow crack instead.

Game Mode

Game mode: This demo is offline only. It contains 2 playable levels and a hidden area (Duke’s Penthouse) that can only be accessed via cheat codes. This area is considered an “easter egg” by fans, but technically it is used as a “live” cut scene for the end of the first level. More info about that in the “easter egg” section (below).



Basic Information

Even though this torrent simply extracts a folder without an installer your game settings are saved in %localappdata%\3dmgame and your screenshots are saved in %userprofile%\documents\duke nukem forever demo\1100001deadbeef\screenshots. %localappdata% isn’t a valid system variable in Windows XP, so let me explain this…

If you are using Windows XP this means, respectively:
c:\documents and settings\sgt-d\local settings\application data\3dmgame
c:\documents and settings\sgt-d\documents\duke nukem forever demo\1100001deadbeef\screenshots

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 this means, respectively:
c:\users\sgt-d\documents\duke nukem forever demo\1100001deadbeef\screenshots

Enable Console

If you want some extra control, enable the console.

1. If the Duke game is open, close it.
2. In the shortcut properties to the Duke game, add this to the path of the game in the target box: -log
It should look like this: "X:\Path\DukeForeverDemo.exe" -log
Note: You can create the shortcut to this file yourself if needed.
3. Open the game with this shortcut.
4. Press the Windows Key or ALT+Tab to move out of the game and to the console window.
5. In the console window, enter this command:
set UWindow.WindowConsole ConsoleKey 192
6. After you’ve entered the command, quit/exit the game.
7. Now, start the game without the shortcut, or after removing -log from the shortcut.
8. While the game is running, press the ~ key, which is usually located at the top left of the keyboard.
Source: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?p=2356497

Console Commands

summon edf_grunt
summon assaulttrooper_grunt
summon pigcop_grunt
summon pigcop_dualpistol
summon pigcop_machinegun
summon pigcop_rpg octababy
summon pregnator
summon cycloid

Play the game normal up until your enter the stadium, then summon enemies

Extensive list of commands , towards the bottom of the page are some settings that turn off the different post processing effects:

More Console Commands

Easter Egg

The cut-scene at the end of the first level (with the cycloid on the football field) is Duke’s pad and is an actual room that you can travel down to if you use DNCLICP and GOD mode, among others, possibly including SLOMO 10.

You can get there in exactly 2 minutes if you do the following:

Enable console first (above) and restart the game. Surface onto the football field or at the urinal. Open the console and type GOD and DNCLIP. Face straight down and run as often as possible. In about a minute you will see your feet moving while walking or running. Continue to walk/run for a few more seconds. At this point you are fully in the lower area. Open console and enter DNCLIP so you FALL. Watch for the window. When you get close to it, drop the console again and type DNCLIP to stop falling. Go through the window and type DNCLIP again.

Or, the 5+ minute long way:


Duke Nukem Forever – Full Version – Leak

Game Modes

As far as anyone can tell, this is the FULL game. It works both offline and online (with the assistance of a multiplayer crack, below). As of this writing there are no known cheat codes or tricks. Good luck out there Duke!



Multiplayer Fix


More info…

You need to log into Steam first though – or maybe run one of those steam-like programs.

Basic Information

Game settings are saved in:
Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit: %programfiles%\duke nukem forever\system = c:\program files\duke nukem forever\system
Windows Vista/7 64-bit: %programfiles(x86)%\duke nukem forever\system = c:\program files (x86)\duke nukem forever\system

Screenshots are saved in:
%userprofile%\documents\duke nukem forever\2d61320\screenshots = c:\users\sgt-d\documents\duke nukem forever\2d61320\screenshots


I’m not sure yet. I haven’t had any luck here.

Cheat Codes

Still unknown at this point.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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