Stagefright Update

I read an article this morning on that mentioned how Google, Samsung and LG are now going to send out monthly security updates for Android (and Android Central).

This is great news, but Verizon is still ignoring my email request for an update for all of the Samsung Galaxy S and Note devices. Today I read they (Verizon) have finally patched the Galaxy Note (4) Edge. That’s it. No other devices so far. Sprint patched their Note 4 two or three days ago.

Is your Android device affected? This SUCKS, but at least you will KNOW if your phone is affected. Spoiler: MINE IS.

Zimperium Android Stagefright Detector (Google Play)

Lookout Android Stagefright Detectory (Google Play)

Feel free to pick up a phone or drop by your carrier and TOTALLY BITCH THEM OUT. They have had updates for MONTHS and CHOSE not to push them out to you.


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