Windows Sysinternals Installer (WSI) 5/29/14

Windows Sysinterals Installer (WSI) installs the entire Windows Sysinterals Suite on your computer and, optionally, automatically updates all of the tools weekly or monthly.

WSI is a Windows installer… it downloads the official ZIP from the Window Sysinterals team, unzips it to your Program Files folder, creates Windows Start Menu shortcuts and optionally allows you to update the applications either weekly or monthly (or none).

The 5/5/14 installer was flawed. Ooops. It was flawed because I BLAME MICROSOFT (no, don’t take their stupid little survey, they don’t care anyway and you probably won’t win anything).

schtask.exe has a nice little “bug” that ignores spaces inside quotes unless they are “escaped” properly. Idiots at Microsoft. I swear.


It’s fixed now. The new MSI can be installed ONE TIME (I hope) and you never have to read my boring posts ever again.

Until next time! muhawha…

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