Free Directory Assistance (411)

Telephone Switchboard Operators (1957)

Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers. Over the last few decades phone companies have started to charge between .75¢ and $2.00 per call in an effort to generate more revenue. Currently US customers place roughly 6 billion 411 calls annually.

This page shows some free alternatives for 411 directory assistance.

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Linux in 2011?

Officially down for 10 days, unofficially jacked for weeks. I’m a huge Linux fan, but this is just embarrassing.

I thought it would be fun (and fair) to see an image that was a kind of “reverse slam” against the old “Good evening Mr. Gates, I’ll be your server today!” artwork (see below) while at the same time pointing out the sad state of affairs with the Linux servers. I am not an artist and this is NOT my work, full credit is given to the real artists (below).

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PrinterShare Mobile Print

PrinterShare Mobile Print (Amazon Appstore) – Free for One Day Only! (Normally $12.95).

With most mobile phones there is no built-in method for printing. PrinterShare for Android allows you to print almost anything from anywhere to any printer (WiFi, Bluetooth and Google Cloud Print).

PrinterShare has always been considered to be expensive as far as mobile apps go, weighing in at $12.95 normally, but for today only it is 100% FREE (at the time of this writing there are only 14 hours remaining).

You will have to sign up for an Amazon Appstore account (if you haven’t already) and you will need to establish a 1-Click payment method on the site with your credit card (this is required, even for free purchases). You will also need to install the Amazon Appstore application on your phone (the site will step you through the process). Optionally you can view this email message on your phone to install the Amazon Appstore application from the attachment or by clicking the link. Once Amazon Appstore is installed you might need to sign in, both on the web and on your phone.

Once all of that is done you should be able to load the PrinterShare Mobile Print (Amazon Appstore) web page on your computer and install it using "Get now with 1-Click" button to install PrinterShare on your Android -OR- you can simply run the Amazon Appstore app on your Android to get and install the PrinterShare app.

Immediately after installing PrinterShare you can print to any WiFi or Bluetooth printer within range of your Android.

If you use Google Chrome you can turn on Google Cloud Print (Wrench > Options> Under The Hood) to start setting up local and network printers that you can later print to – from anywhere! You can optionally add the Print Using Google Cloud Print extension to Google Chrome. Click here to learn more about Google Cloud Print.

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Duke Nukem Forever Mini-Review

This is my mini-review of Duke Nukem Forever, specifically the single player campaign. Basically this post is just some of my random thoughts about the game overall. I bought the Balls Of Steel edition which included the early access DNF demo and offered extras that I don’t think other versions might have.

Possible spoiler warning: bail out now if you don’t want to know.

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Free Dirty Needles