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Sodpit Rebooted


Even Spiderman needs to reboot.  Sometimes.

Alternate/original title:  A(nother) New Beginning

For a more complete “behind the scenes” look at the evolution of please visit the new History page.

For several reasons I have decided that it is time (once again) to reboot  For the heartbroken:  I still like e107’s downloads interface so I might simply point to the old site for now.  I probably won’t bring back the forums.  There were under 10 posts in 5+ years.  We’ll see. is now running WordPress.  I jacked something with the original blog that was here…  for me this is minor because mostly it was just me rambling about stuff.  I still have the database and I might revive it as well.

Anyway, I hope the new site engine is a more user friendly experience for everyone.

Site registrations will open over this weekend are now open!

Until I have everything organized, here are links to some of my sites: / Downloads / My Software Projects / BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) / mIRC Power Pack

And some sites I’ve made for other people:

Winter, Inc. / / FMFL for my son lol / Carpet Care Experts / CT Solutions LLC / Aurora Technologies, Inc. / Aurora Technical